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Strategic Thinking & Planning Processes

With the emergence of highly competitive and rapidly shifting global markets, most organizations and their leaders understand the need to embrace an effective strategic thinking and planning process. Today, organizations are required to rethink their strategy, structure, culture, work processes, and people practices. Successful, sustainable competitive advantage is the result of true synergy between business strategy and organizational capability.

Ted Willey & Associates' Strategic Thinking and Planning consultants support client organizations in addressing business strategy, competency and talent need identification, as well as the implementation of organizational change processes required to ensure long term sustainable success of the organization.

The Strategic Planning Process addresses business strategy, organizational change, competency identification, and the strategic transformation processes that are aligned with the defined mission, business goals, and strategy of the organization.

The purpose of this process is to provide an organizational assessment and development planning initiative ensuring the company's vision, mission and values are aligned with the organization's business strategy. In addition, the organization's leadership competence as well as systems and processes, are evaluated and recommendations provided to maximize its performance.

A successful Strategic Change Process requires members of the organization to demonstrate sound collaborative strategic thinking throughout the entire change initiative. Strategic thinking is a process that encourages the organization's leadership group to formulate and implement effective strategies. Strategic thinking also examines current cultural elements and policy issues with a long term perspective.

This Strategic Planning Process will ultimately enable the organization to identify and achieve the essential goals and objectives necessary to ensure its long term sustainable success.

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