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Building an Accountability-Based Culture

Overall team performance and group learning is increased when responsibility and accountability are collectively owned by all associates within the organization.

Accountability is taking action that is consistent with your intention. Each person in the organization is key to creating an accountability-based environment. As leaders, we can help by communicating with clarity, creating the expectation and method for all employees to participate, tracking progress and acknowledging both the successes and failures.

The primary purpose of collective accountability is to build and maintain cooperative working relationships with subordinates, peers, superiors, and those outside the organization.

  • Each individual must have a complete understanding of their responsibilities.
  • Each individual should be held accountable for every aspect of their professional responsibilities.
  • Goals must be realistic and mutually agreed.
  • In order for a system of accountability to work satisfactorily, it must be associated with consistent and honest feedback on a regular basis.

Organizational learning is the process which enables an organization to transform information into valued knowledge which in turn increases the long-run adaptive and proactive capacity of the organization.

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