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Executive Coaching

Producing Results

Ted Willey and Associates' executive coaching occurs in a safe and supportive environment to ensure powerful change. Executives receive feedback from their coach based on a variety of assessment tools. Using this feedback, the coach works with the executive to create, implement and measure specific development planning goals and objectives.

While working with an executive coach, executives discover their blind spots while enhancing their leadership strengths. Since most leaders have mastered the intellectual aspects of their field, coaching offers an opportunity to refine the interpersonal skills necessary to expand each leader's emotional intelligence.

The outcomes of the executive coaching process include:

  • Increased awareness of how one's leadership style is perceived by others
  • Enhanced executive presence and the ability to build meaningful relationships generating increased trust, confidence, and leader effectiveness
  • Heightened ability to influence and motivate others
  • Demonstrated performance improvement

The coaching services provided by Ted Willey & Associates offer leaders the opportunity to focus on their own development in a neutral yet challenging atmosphere. The coaching process itself enables executives to achieve their full potential as leaders through the enhancement of existing strengths and the development of unrecognized talents.

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